Maternity Reiki Certification

Naturopathic Maternity Reiki is a source of love and care for the pregnant woman and her growing baby! Join us for the Maternity Reiki Certification. All mothers to be and all birth workers are welcome to attend this class for an in depth hands-on learning experience for both personal and professional use. No previous Reiki experience required. Training includes Naturopathic Reiki 1 attunement.

Curriculum Highlights

Learn 1st Trimester therapy techniques. Applying Naturopathic Reiki to baby's growth process and mother's comfort.

Learn 2nd Trimester meditations and self-care. Energy techniques to enhance mother's energy and relaxation.

Learn 3rd Trimester relaxation positions and techniques for labor, birth and postpartum. Explore left side therapy.

Additional topics include: fertility therapy, feminine issues therapy, reiki with the new born, and more.

Student Testimony

"Maternity Reiki is so needed in our community with our mothers to assist in nurturing and nourishing the Spirit, Mind & Body through the most sacred experience of their lifetime." -PT

Student Feedback

"This training was amazing. I learned so much and it was an easy, flowing experience. The information on the pregnant womb was profound, especially the emotional womb and how it syncs with the parents emotional body." -JS

Student Testimony

Thank you so much for teaching a wonderful Maternity Reiki class today. I enjoyed every moment and learned so much. I really liked how you explained about the different wombs, especially the spiritual womb. I got goosebumps when you said the spirit womb will not be activated until its divine time, declaring I know who you are and when and why you are supposed to be here!"  -TW

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